Five Element cards


Understanding and nourishing YOUR constitution

The ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine tells us that we each have a primary Elemental resonance within us.  This often shines out in our very best qualities.  At the same time it can be the area where we most often find ourselves out of balance.  These cards describe the five constitutions and their  diverse resonances, and ways to nourish each one.


It's a tricky business to give an eloquent explanation of this rich wisdom, especially within a short acupuncture treatment, and Jessica created these cards for her patients.  Then she realised they might also be useful for other acupuncturists, acupuncture students, and anyone else with an interest in health and Chinese medicine!


An insight into your own five energies

Gain valuable insight into your health and character

Useful tips for taking good care of yourself

Fun for speculating about family and friends



There are 12 double-sided cards in each set:

Convenient for practitioners

Valuable Five Element advice in a nutshell

Inspiring for you

Impressive for your patients

Enhance your treatments in an easy, convenient way


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Five Elements







Body Clock



"Love the cards!  You've got me all excited about Five Elements again!  And lots of advice ideas for patients.  They look great and there's exactly the right amount of information enough to be meaty, informative and thought-inspiring without being overwhelming"


The cards are A6/postcard sized, and they come in a snap-shut plastic wallet.  Click here to buy online.

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